College is a time of change and adjustment and stress in college students is a natural occurrence. It’s absolutely normal to feel stressed and anxious from time to time, especially when you’re faced with difficult situations. You may be having a hard time fitting in or you’re not sure if the path you’re taking is the right one. Whatever the case may be, know that experiencing college student stress is normal — you’re not crazy!

The problem, however, is if the stress you’re feeling gets out of control. Whether you’re not eating and sleeping properly, experiencing bouts of moodiness and irritability, or are simply unable to concentrate properly, these effects of stress on college students can be detrimental to your health and well-being. To help you manage stress better, here are some helpful tips you can try.

Don’t Procrastinate

Stress and college students already have a difficult relationship as it is. But when you introduce procrastination into the mix, the meaning of stress takes a whole new level.

When you procrastinate, you push back all the schoolwork and responsibilities to a later time (sometimes, even to the last minute), so you can do the things you enjoy now. While it may feel good at first, it inevitably makes things so much worse in the long run. Rather than procrastinating, try to do your work as soon as possible. Keeping a planner or setting regular times to do homework may help.

Practice Mindfulness

Mental health is becoming a huge issue in our culture today. The simple exercise of letting go of external stimuli and just focusing on your inner peace can be one of the stress-free activities for college students that might work for you. It can help you relieve your worries and shift your focus to things that matter. As a result, you can block all distractions and focus on making better choices to avoid unnecessary stress.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Ever wonder why college students are stressed? Though there may be multiple reasons behind it, one thing’s certain: they put too much pressure on themselves. College students want to achieve so much in their short time at school that they end up sacrificing their mental and physical well-being.

It’s important to set realistic expectations and goals. Know yourself and only focus on what you’re capable of — that is the key to taking some weight off your shoulders.

Find an Outlet

While these are good tips on stress management for college students, they’re not foolproof. Sometimes, stress can’t be completely eliminated. In such cases, finding an outlet to reduce stress is a great way to manage it. Whether that’s going on a run, painting, listening to music, or getting a massage, finding an outlet to let your stress go is a great way to reduce your worries.


College students and stress go hand-in-hand. There are different causes of stress in college students and different answers to the question, “How does stress affect college students?” With these tips in mind, you can reduce stress significantly and focus on your well-being.

Remember, stress for college students is normal. It’s how you deal with it that makes all the difference.